dusk and summer

Photographers generally think that the best time to take photographs is during the so-called "magic hour" shortly before sunset (or after sunrise, if you wake up that early). While that may be true, another one of my favorite times to shoot is actually 15-20 minutes after the sun has dropped. As it gets darker, the human eye gets less sensitive to color as it struggles to see in low-light. However, many cameras are more sensitive than our eyes under these conditions, and therefore can capture images that are much more vibrant than what we see.

The last sequence image above appears to be taken in daylight but the shots were actually taken when it was already quite dark out! There is a very narrow window during which you can take super vibrant photos in the twilight evening (some say only 2 to 3 minutes!) and I think we were able to capture these during that time. It's a very fun experiment to try.

Tip: Be sure to bump up your ISO. I think I had mine around 1200.

Colorblock Blazer, Lush. Army-green shorts, Insight. Vintage Tee. Cat-eye sunnies, Asos. Hand-chain bracelet, Romwe. Strappy platforms, Sole Society. Leatherette backpack, Cotton On.


  1. I love the 50mm f1.8 lens for low light, totally agree that twilight can look just as beautiful. Stunning blog btw, new follower in me :) xx

  2. great tips! i'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time we do night shots :)
    you look gorgeous btw :)


  3. love the entire look. the shoes are amazing.
    if you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog. :)


  4. Love this look on you, you look so stylish in the shorts and heels. I'm telling you though, I could not walk in them.

    You're right about the lighting - it's gorgeous. Might have a go myself. :)

    Sarah Betty xx

  5. The bookbag + heels = everything! I love the mix of rugged with girly my favorite combination.


  6. Hey Dear ! I love your outfit!!
    I love your blog and I am following you now !


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