back to basics

Lately my mind has been on paring down to the essential basics so I reached back into my hard drive and found some old but good inspiration from a New York trip I took this time last year. My favorite slashed-up leggings (which are now available here) and my favorite white shirt and my favorite hat (which I lost when I left it behind on the airplane and am still super depressed about as I have yet to find a suitable replacement). Packing such versatile and well-loved pieces is absolutely ideal when traveling, especially if you like to pack light like me (struggling with large pieces of luggage and/or paying excessive checked baggage fees are the bane of my existence). The leggings have a cool woven cut-out pattern running along the back and the shirt is super sheer. So nice and airy when it’s hot and humid out!

Sheer white button-up, vintage. Slashed lace-up leggings, Tripp NYC. Leopard-print pumps, Marco Santi (Sole Society).


  1. LOVE this look. Those leggings are KILLER!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  2. LOVE your lip color in this. It adds the perfect pop to this outfit!

    The Glossy Life

  3. The F words that spring to mind when I see this outfit: FEROCIOUSLY FIERCE.

  4. So stylish :)
    I love this outfit!

  5. wow! amazing stylish! I'm truely smitten by this outfit edge! such a statement!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. love your blog and following you now!

  6. The shoes are really stylish!

  7. You look really cute !
    You've got a nice blog, I follow you :)
    Thanks for pass

    - I   l o v e   m y   o l d  L e v i ' s -

  8. I LOOOOOOOOVE your style !! You look amazing !!!

    xx Selma


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