New Lens

So I finally got my very first zoom lens, the Nikkor 18-200mm! I have to say, it's quite a novel feeling not having to use my legs as a zoom since all of my other lenses have a fixed focal length. Still trying to decide how much I love it though...I do think it makes me look kinda taller in pictures so that's definitely a plus! But it's not as sharp and obviously with its max aperture range of f/3.5-f/5.6, the low-light performance isn't as good and the bokeh isn't as nice as I am used to with my prime lenses. Plus it's super-heavy compared to my 35mm and 50mm! But it should be fun to travel with. Such wide angles I have never been able to achieve before...I can finally shoot a landscape picture one of these days ^_^.

I always thought Peter Pan collars were too "sweet" for me (plus they totally reminded me of the uniforms I wore in grade school), but I was smitten with this close cousin--a rounded collar that kind of reminds me of flower petals. Unfortunately when I found it on, it was already sold out in my size! I was so desperate for it that I bought it anyways in a larger size. Since it fits me so long and the slit in the back is much more revealing than I anticipated, I usually wear it knotted at the back. A little bulky but oh well, it gets the job done. Too bad I wore it on this particular day to a Wine & Canvas date with my favorite person in the whole world/BFF/BF and got a paint stain on it! Totally worth the fun we had though. It turns out I may have an undiscovered talent in painting LOL. If there are locations in your area I highly recommend it!

Ethel shorts in Wallflower, Motel Rocks (use code "Fizzle" for 20% off your purchase!) Collared button-up, Double Zero (via Tobi). Glitter metallic heels, Zara.

Which painting do you think looks better? o_O


  1. Love the shorts ;)
    and I do agree~ love the orange koi!
    f you painted it while drinking wine, then you are a genius! hahah

  2. I love the collar on that shirt!

  3. I like the painting on the right for sure! Such beautiful Lilly pads. Your photos are so amazing. Love the outfit :)

  4. I'd say the left one with orange...
    Lovely outfit as well !!

  5. I love this look so much! And it looks like the lens you are using is awesome! I am always trying to experiment with my pictures so I enjoyed the review/tips!


  6. Beautiful photos! Love the new lens!!

    XO J

    Giveaway on my blog!

  7. Hey lady,
    Love your style!
    Us two stylish girls should follow eachother??

    Stay sexy!!

  8. I love those shorts! These are gorgeous shots, as always!

    The Glossy Life

  9. Hey, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I love your blog, its very cute and your photos are amazing.
    That outfit looks really nice on you :)


  10. I totally thought the same thing about the peter pan collars. But, the trend definitely grew on me! Love the way you styled it!

    Birdie Shoots

  11. I really love your shorts!
    amazing baby! <3


  12. The painting on the left side of the pic is my favorite! Great photos, love the new lens! I need one too, I have a Cannon Rebel camera :)

  13. I love the blouse & think it actually looks really cute knotted at the back! Love the shorts too! I think the red koi painting is my favourite, but I think they're both pretty good! :)

  14. Cute outfit, I love the shorts! Both paintings are awesome ;)

    xo Saretta
    The Lion in Jewels

  15. Such a lovely blouse! You look so gorgeous.


  16. You look so chic and beautiful fizz..always :)

  17. you are so fashionable girl, really!

    (are you a dancer? you have a super nice arch!!)

  18. Nice post!!!

  19. Beautiful pics! The new lens are awesome. You are looking so cute in those shorts.

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  20. I love the photography and your clothes!! You look so chic and those are GREAT pictures!

  21. Love your blog and your colorful style! I'm your newest follower :D
    Love, Shushu


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