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Beach Baby

To be perfectly honest, I'm not terribly fond of the beach. I do have some fun memories of going to the beach when I was a kid, but ever since I became old enough to stop baking my skin in the sun in pursuit of a tan, I really don't have any reason to go. I just hate the wind whipping my hair everywhere and the gross feeling of having sand stuck all over me and then of course, having to fend off the brazen seagulls who come scavenging for food (little known fact about me: I HATE birds. Still really sad about the time a seagull ate my ice cream, that was traumatizing). Every now and again, it is nice to breathe in a bit of ocean air, I suppose, but I'd rather avoid the ocean and the sand and stick to the boardwalk or the pier. Nevertheless, having had brunch in Santa Monica last weekend, my boyfriend and I thought we'd enjoy the nice weather (read: not blazing hot) and burn off some calories by walking to the sand and there we were.

So, even though I'm no beach baby, I couldn't resist picking it as the title of my post. It's a reference to the song by Bon Iver. I was a pretty big fan of Bon Iver when I first discovered For Emma, Forever Ago during a kinda-emo-ish phase in college. It kinda completed my life at the time if ya know what I mean. Just kidding. I didn't much care for his follow-up album though and Justin Vernon was largely forgotten in my mind (although some of his older songs are still among my favorites) until I stumbled upon this hilarious Tumblr "Boniverotica" a couple of weeks ago. I was so miserable, sick in bed having caught a bug right after EDC, and this was the only thing putting a smile on my face! I shared a couple of the entries with my boyfriend but I had to stop because he started "getting jealous." LOL! Anyways, having been in such a poor state, I started listening to some Bon Iver songs again and they suited my mood very well, so that was nice.

As for the clothes, I picked up this kimono thing (as well as the crop top and leopard sandals) during Tobi's recent Fourth of July sale and I must say, wearing kimonos has not gotten tiresome for me. I actually wore it both days this past weekend and saw some of the same people, so I was kinda wondering if someone would call me out on it, haha. They're really the perfect piece of outerwear for summertime and make an ideal beach cover-up as well. Plus they are soo comfortable for just lounging around in at home!

White lace shorts, Nasty Gal. Crop top, kimono, leopard sandals, and ladder body chain, all from Tobi.


  1. wow you are so gorgeous tania! I love these photos :) I hope you're doing well xoxox


  2. Wow, your outfit is so beautiful! ♥

    With love,

  3. I loved these photos! They are so serene and peaceful :) Beautiful!


  4. You're the most fashionable person at the beach, Tania!
    I love the crop top with the shorts and that kimono... Gorgeous!

  5. I love kimonos! And this is so beautiful! You look so beautiful and I loved the pictures! I agree with you. No one can understand why I am not a beach girl. And my parents always had a beach house, to where I like going in the winter! :) But I love the sea!

  6. Love these pictures! You look very nice!

    xx Karolina

  7. beautiful outfit ! amazing photos!
    check out my latest look:

  8. Great look x

    Cat x

  9. Kimonos are so perfect for summer, super breezy and comfy! And this one you're wearing has such a gorgeous print. Love the look :)


  10. lovely! <3
    I love your blog, how about following each other?

    Sweet and sugars,

  11. ur kimono is gorg <3
    thanks for following my insta btw, i adore u!x

    join my persunmall giveaway here

  12. awww <3 amazing photos :) you look pretty cool :D

    + wanna follow each other?

  13. Hahaha same here, I don't like seagulls or pigeons! Great outfit for the beach!

  14. Birds are evil! Hate them too! Got wacked by one in the face and it left a mark once TT___TT
    forever fearful!

  15. You look gorgeous! I love the crop top and the kimono. I agree, I also hate the beach. As a parent I feel like I have to take my kids to the beach for those memories you talk about, but it's such a huge hassle and the sand thing is exponentially worse with little ones!

  16. so so so gorg tania!!! the crop top is perfect with the high waisted shorts and the kimono draped over is perfection. love!! xO!


  17. Soo pretty lovely photos! i'm in love with the pop of colors!

  18. I absolutely love this outfit! xx
    The photographs are so gorgeous, I can't stop drooling over the lighting... not that I'm really drooling, but, you get what I mean (:

  19. Yes! Obsessed with this kimono cardigan or whatever you call it, lol. I saw some at Urban and totally wanted to pick one up! Also, I 100% agree about not loving the beach. It's not the most popular notion but at least we know what we like and don't like, lol. Let's call it being anti conformist?? lol!

    xox Lara

  20. you look lovely !!!

  21. I love this look so much, I featured it in a post I wrote about how wearing floral and lace together! Here's the link if you want to check it out:


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