Sweater Weather

I've said before that I feel sweaters are a weak area of my wardrobe. They take up more closet space than they are worth to me, with the period of time during which sweaters are practical being rather short in LA. I also have an intense fear of clothes moths, and therefore prefer to avoid genuine wools if I can help it. Therefore, I happily picked up this synthetic crew-neck from Forever 21 recently, wondering if it would be super boring or an awesome staple piece and it's definitely shaping up to be the latter. The neutral light gray shade makes it pair well with literally any pair of pants I own, but the little flecks of lavender and green keep it interesting. Definitely chalking this up as another Forever 21 win!

Grey open-knit sweater, Forever 21. White jeans, Mango. Tan ankle boots, Gap. Olive scarf, H&M. Paper bag purse, Zara.


  1. In Colorado, sweaters are a must for most of the year. This one is so pretty and looks great paired with other neutrals!

  2. I love the pictures and the simple outfit :-)


    Piera Anastasia

  3. So pretty! The light colours are such a refreshing choice for fall!

    xoxo Iris

  4. The sweater is the perfect neutral staple for the winter days! Love this look, Tania!

  5. Great pictures!
    Lovely outfit too :D


  6. Your photos are so beautiful!! I love that you shop at the same price point as me haha it's hard for me to find bloggers who do! Love this :)

  7. F21 has some awesome pieces sometime and it does take a bit of trial and error! You look sensational with the beige sweater!

  8. That sweater is amazing and it really goes well with everything. :D Loved how you mixed it with the white pants looks so warm and cozy. :D

  9. Hi Tania!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) MM yesss the food is the best haha! Cheap too... can't get any better than Hawker food. When were you there for exchange?

    I have to say, I also have a weakness for sweaters. Esp oversized ones and ankle boots! Prob own one too many than I really should.. But it is the perfect fall go to.

    Will def be following your blog girl :)

  10. This sweater is so beautiful on you, and I love your white jeans!

    Xo, Hannah



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