NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams Update

It's been 3 years since I last posted on them and NYX soft matte lip creams are still my favorite lippy! I've amassed quite a few of them as I can go through them pretty quickly and always like to have a few shades in my purse at all times. Recently, I was super excited to see that they FINALLY released some new colors, so I happily snapped up a few from ULTA since they were having buy one get one 50% off.

The new colors I bought.
nyx soft matte lip cream new colors
Swatched on my arm, from left to right: NYX soft matte lip creams in Cannes, Ibiza, Morocco, and Prague.

Cannes is a very pretty mauvey terracotta. It's the most wearable out of the new colors I picked up and is kind of close to my every day favorite shade, Milan, just more neutral and less pinkish. I see myself wearing this a lot!

Ibiza is a punchy, almost watermelon pink. It's quite bright, so I'm still deciding if I can pull off this shade or not!

Morocco is a reddish orange. I've always loved reddish oranges but of the few I've tried, haven't found a hue I feel confident wearing yet. Maybe this will be the one?

Prague is a nice, deep berry. I tend to go for berry shades at night time, so I feel pretty comfortable wearing this, but I do personally think it's a bit too dark for daytime. I'd rather wear my other favorite, San Paulo.

One thing I noticed for the first time after swatching these shades on my arm is that these lip creams have somewhat of a staining quality to them. Even after a few soapy washes, there was a faint stain left on my arm!

Have you ever tried NYX soft matte lip creams? Do you like them? If not, what's YOUR favorite lippy?


  1. this post makes these tempting. i must admit to not having tried this brand yet. the colors are beautiful and juicy looking.

  2. You really own a huge range of colors. And they're all so pretty :)


  3. I have been wanting to try them

  4. Definitely want to try these out now; I love that Cannes shade.

    x catulux.blogspot.com

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  6. I haven't picked any of these up yet, but this is tempting me!

    xxDenysia Yu

  7. Thanks for this lovely review! I especially love the Ibiza and Morocco shades. I'll have to check them out at Ulta soon! I usually don't use lipgloss, so I really don't own any good ones. I'm just a lipstick girl haha preferably MAC. It's probably about time I use some lip gloss too!


  8. cute review

    Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  9. nice colors!
    lovely blog! following you hun!


  10. Great review. Loving the bright colors.


  11. I've seen so many great reviews about these! Definitely need to find myself one xx

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  13. I love the Morocco shade! x took me a while to be comfortable wearing reddish-orange lipstick but when I saw how it brightened my face better than the conventional red lip, I've been using the reddish-orange lip more often

    x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/

    x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/

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