Desert Dressing

Though I can't say I'm sad to be missing out on the rather lackluster lineup at Coachella this year, one thing I do regret skipping out on is one of the best street style events of the year. All the "festival style" marketing has definitely got me in that mood. When it comes to my own personal philosophy for dressing for a music festival in sweltering temperatures though, I'd rather be comfortable than dress to impress. This outfit keeps it simple and cool, but still features enough hallmarks of "festival style" (fringe, boho print, a fedora, etc) to feel "on-trend" (though I have to say, festival trends do not really change from year to year).

I have to keep my jewelry very minimal in hot weather because my fingers tend to swell up a bit. So rings quickly become uncomfortable for me or sometimes even get stuck on my fingers. I also have a metal allergy so if I'm really sweaty then my skin can get really irritated and break out into a rash from certain metals O_O. As for footwear, I tend to opt for sneakers or boots with insoles put in. Standing around for hours on end can be tiring on the feet, especially after three days! However, I was recently introduced to these leather sandals from Skechers (did you even know they made leather sandals? I didn't!) which actually feature a cushioned footbed made of "luxe foam" and they are soo comfortable! I would totally rock these to a festival.

Aventura tank, Fabletics. Tasseled scarf-print shorts, Boohoo. Fringed crossbody, Stela9. Leather sandals, Skechers. Tan fedora hat, Prima Donna.


  1. I would totally wear this! The print on those shorts are so pretty ;)

  2. Totally a fan of festival style . . . though yes Coachella seems kind of lame music-wise this year. Love your shorts and that bag!!!

  3. That shorts is just lovely!!!


  4. The best festival looks are the simplest ones, a white tee+shorts and the straw hat is the cherry on the top,,love it!

    x Printed or Plain

  5. The shorts are my favorite. It looks great on you. Also love it with a simple white top.

    Jessica |

  6. This look is so cute!! I love those shorts!

    Shy Girl Loud Voice

  7. Love the hat and shorts!! The pattern in the shorts is great!

  8. ah cool

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  9. loving that hat! such a darling summer look!

  10. This look is perfect for a casual Spring day! I love those shorts!
    A Peck on the Chic

  11. The shorts are adorable! I love the print and the shape.

    Style Wire

  12. Such a cute look!

  13. I wish it was warm enough over here to wear just a tank top and shorts! love this look :)

  14. Such a beautiful outfit, I love print shorts :)

    x Sharon

  15. You look ready for Coachella in that outfit! I've been looking for a hat like that for a while!

    be the plebeian

  16. I am dying to go to Coachella one day (like everyone else who hasn't haha). This outfit is definitely perfect for the desert! I love the shorts!


    Looks by Lau

  17. These shorts are lovely!! I want them!


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