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Lunch at Trois Mec

Inconspicuously tucked away beneath an old "Raffalo's Pzza" sign is a cozy little restaurant you would never be able to find unless you were looking for it--Trois Mec. Trois Mec has long been on my list of restaurants to try; their dinner tickets must be purchased beforehand and are known as being one of the best foodie experiences in town for those lucky enough to score a ticket.

While they typically only serve dinner, they occasionally have weekend lunches that can be booked exclusively through Mastercard Priceless and Gilt City. Since lunch was less than half the cost, I jumped at the chance!

We sat at the bar so we could get a good view of all the action. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, with a playlist of ambient French music setting the mood. Chef Ludo himself was in and out of the kitchen, presumably between here and his other restaurant next door, Petit Trois.

The first course was a salad of butter lettuce, boiled eggs, fingerling potatos, and a mayo-based dressing. The eggs with the mayo dressing was a bit like deviled eggs--yum! alt="lunch at trois mec"

Bread basket. I've never had bread that was served in a basket full of hay before, so I had to take a picture.

While dinner tends to feature more exotic dishes intended for a refined palate, lunch is billed as a "family event." The dishes are more hearty and straightforward. This roasted chicken with grilled vegetables was juicy, tender, and delicious!

Dessert was an amazing napoleon with strawberries. I never met a napoleon I didn't like, but this one was extra special because the custard had a subtle lavender taste to it. Very nice!

After we finished our meal, they gave each party a parting gift--an autographed copy of Chef Ludo's cookbook! Considering that the whole experience was only $45 per person including tax and service, we thought this was super super nice and really made the whole experience even more worthwhile!

Trois Mec
716 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038


  1. Oh my! Everything looks so yummy! Love your shots girl ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too :)


  2. Oh wow, this sounds like such an exclusive place, haha, but everything looks so good! I'm dying to try out that salad!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. everything looks great! and i blame myself for viewing this post right now cos it's midnight here! :( haha


  4. Oh my gosh, everything looks so appetizing (especially the roasted chicken)! Trois Mec is definitely on my list of restaurants to go to now, thanks so much! ~

    xx Chaereen | Inspinkle

  5. It looks soo good! LA has the best hidden treasures :P yum!


  6. Your lunch looks so delicious and your food was beautifully captured! All of those pictures are making me hungry again, ahaha!

    ❤ Charms | à la Charms

  7. This is making me quite hungry

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  8. I am drooling over how amazing the food looks! Also, I really love your blog! I'm so happy I found it. :)

    The Style Roll

  9. Thanks for the suggestion! Now another place to add to my growing list of food places that I need to try out! :)

  10. Your food diary looks freaking amazing and mouth watering!

    Maggie S.

  11. Oh my the food look so good <3


  12. This looks amazing! Another reason I need to get down to LA asap

    Pink Wings


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