Changing of the Seasons

Chartreuse-colored top, Finders Keepers (old). Distressed boyfriend jeans, Boohoo (on sale!) Time Flies sandals, Chinese Laundry. Kai fringed crossbody bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

As fall arrivals start to flood into stores, I can't help but feel envious of those who live in locales in which the seasons are starting to turn. I know I'm ALWAYS moaning and groaning about the weather, but here in LA we're having one of the worst heat waves I can remember. I guess it will be worth it though, if we get our much-needed El Niño rain this fall.

Anyway, I'm trying to dress a little more "autumn-y" but the weather makes it difficult. My idea of a compromise was a richly-colored, but breezy top and some severely torn jeans. My boyfriend said that they were practically shorts. But they definitely didn't feel like shorts -_-.


  1. This shade of yellow suits you so much dear! I wish summer could stay longer :)

  2. ripped jeans always good with every kind of style

  3. I like your idea of a compromise. Just go with the rich colors and everything will be fine :) But I get how it must get a bit frustrating sometimes, especially since California really needs the fall weather.

  4. Beautiful transitional outfit

    xoxo, ♥

  5. Haha, omg, I feel you! We actually don't get seasons here but I try to dress according to the season, anyway, because seasonal styles are wonderful! I love your jeans, and snickered at the part about it not feeling like shorts hahaha

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. I'm totally in love with your jeans!!!
    xoxo Lynda

  7. Cute bag :)
    Maria V.

  8. In love with your outfit, you look awesome. The blouse with the jeans - perfect! Love your style. :)

  9. I love this top so much. You always look great.

  10. We just got back from LA and yeah it was pretty hot. I miss season changes too sometimes, but I love being able to wear sandals year round!

    Pink Wings

  11. I love that outfit and it's so appropriate for the heatwave in Los Angeles. That color of that top is gorgeous and I love the subtle pleats in the front. Those jeans are also very edgy and cool.

    Sweet Helen Grace

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  13. It's been pretty awful around here in LA. You look like you're taking it rather well in this outfit! I desperately want to add some mustard into my wardrobe as soon as possible, but it just doesn't feel right without the Fall weather! Hopefully it cools down for us soon! :)

    be the plebeian

  14. Yeeeess it's still so hot here in California!! I'm also looking at everyone changing their outfits for chillier weather but still can't bring anything out of the closet. Really love your outfit though and those boyfriend jeans!! Look forward to following you into the colder season!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

  15. I'm in love with those jeans! I need a pair like those!

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