Chicago, IL, USA

Brunch at the Signature Room at the 95th, Chicago

Brunch with a view This is Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan from the 95th floor of John Hancock Center, where the Signature Room is located, taken from our table. It was my first time seeing one of the Great Lakes so I thought it was pretty incredible. Definitely a lot bluer than I thought it would be, and I think the fact that there are beaches in the Midwest is super awesome!

John Hancock Center, which is 100 stories tall. It has an observatory called 360 Chicago but wouldn't you rather enjoy your view with a meal? That was my mindset at least, I love brunch so of course I was eager to book the brunch buffet at the Signature Room!

We checked in for our reservation and asked for a window seat (window seats are first come, first served). Since there was a 20-minute wait for that we went up to the lounge on the 96th floor for drinks.

The buffet consisted of pastries, some seafood items, salads, meats and cheeses, fruit, and yogurt. And mini quiche! For some reason, mini quiches are just so much more delicious than regular quiche, don't you agree? Ugh those croissants looked generic but they were so good. I am such a carb monster! There was also made-to-order omelet bar as well as a dessert bar that I never got around to.

The oysters were so good that I went back for more!! Usually I find that buffet oysters are not quite up to snuff but that wasn't the case here.

The brunch buffet also includes a menu of entrees which can be ordered. You can order more than one entree per person so its pretty spectacular. We had the Belgian waffle, the steak and eggs, and the eggs benedict. Everything was delicious. All in all, the brunch buffet was well worth the $45 price tag and easily one of my favorite meals/experiences in Chicago. It's a must-do in Chicago in my opinion!

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  1. I love the vibe of Chicago too, with all the cool skyscrapers. Love the view from the bar at the top of John Hancock building.


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