Los Angeles, CA, USA

Free Range LA

When I was in college, one of my favorite things to eat was the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty, and it was definitely something that was sorely missed after moving to LA. Now, there are many places in LA claiming to serve up a "famous fried chicken sandwich," but only one that can fill the void for me: Free Range LA. I'll admit I was first attracted to their chicken sandwich because it has a similar look to Betty's with the spicy-looking mayo-free coleslaw. The flavors turned out to be quite different however, with Free Range's having a slight sweetness from the bun and mustard, but it turns out to be something that is equally delicious if not more so (and that is very hard for me to say because I am very loyal to old favorites and the nostalgia factor is hard to get over). The sandwich never disappoints; the fried chicken is always served hot, juicy, and tender, with all of the flavors of the sandwich melding together magnificently. Often times, Saturdays will find us searching out the truck at its usual Saturday location outside of Stumptown Coffee (locations can be found here or on their Instagram page) and the meal is never one to regret (except that one time that they were out of chicken).

I've tried a few of the different things on the menu. The avocado toast has an egg cooked into the thick slice of bread which is interesting. I've also tried the protein plate, which I ordered because I felt guilty about eating too many carbs (Bread Lounge is right down the block, so I can't resist getting one of their delicious croissants as well). But quite frankly, if you are coming to this truck for something other than the namesake fried chicken sandwich, you are doing it wrong!

One last shot of that juicy fried chicken for good measure.


  1. If there’s one thing I’m dead jealous about of those living in America, it’s all the food carts you have there. The food looks amazing, even if it’s not always the healthiest. But all that food you posted is making me so hungry. I think I could eat it all in one sitting. Definitely will have to make a note of this one for a future trip!


  2. Oh wow, everything looks so good and indulgent! I've always wanted to visit LA, mainly because it seems to have such an amazing food culture :)

  3. looks so yummy!

    ig: @evansbrenda

  4. Everything looks amazing, my mouth is watering!


  5. Wow....I too feel like hogging one of these down hehe. Wonderful pics and awesome recommendations. Total food porn all the way!

    Looking forward to your future posts.

    Thank You

  6. This fried chicken looks delicious! And I love that they set up around Stumptown Coffee. I hope I can try out Free Range when I'm home next month!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  7. I'll take some (or about 10 of each) right now - even more reasons to move to LA!

    Lisa Favre