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Easy Sundays: Brunch at Winsome

A simple outfit for Sunday brunch. It took me a while to get on the culotte train. They reminded me too much of gaucho pants when they first cropped up, which I was never a very big fan of. By the time I finally got on board with them, we were well into Fall, and I figured I shouldn't bother because winter was coming and the trend would probably fizzle out by springtime. Now here we are, nearly into summer, and culottes are still going strong. Styling them can be a bit of a challenge so I decided to take all of the guesswork out of it by going with a culotte jumpsuit from Boohoo (note: runs really small; I recommend going up two sizes). It's definitely perfect for those lazy Sundays spent lounging around; super comfortable and requires no thought to wear. However, because of the culotte silhouette, it still looks stylish enough to wear out.

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I'd been wanting to try the brunch at Winsome, which is a fairly new restaurant in Echo Park (right by the edge of DTLA and Chinatown). We didn't have a reservation and had to wait about 20 minutes, so we grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and iced latte (and then we proceeded to take the above outfit pictures in front of their nice exterior). The cookie and latte were so good together, I don't think I ever want to enjoy an iced latte without a cookie again.

The agua frescas were really good! My favorite was the cucumber one with mint and green apple. Super refreshing.

The duck egg toast.

The potato rosti with sunny-size up egg, brisket corned beef and charred cabbage.

Both entrees were on the savory side with similar flavors. I kinda wish I went for something sweet instead, but overall it was a good meal and we'd be back! Especially for the agua frescas.


  1. Love your outfit girl. Plus the food and drinks look so delicious ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  2. Gorgeous bag and jumpsuit!

  3. What a beautiful look dear Tania and such a yummy food! Miss LA so much! <3

  4. Your outfit is so nice and your photos are nice too!


  5. You look very chic and pretty, also the food looks delicious!


  6. I just received the same pair of culottes! Haha, I'm obsessed x

  7. I had never heard of Winsome, but all the food looks so delicious! Plus, I love the Echo Park area, so it's a great excuse to head over in that direction next time I'm in town. I also have to add that those culottes look amazing on you! I have been going back and forth on whether this is a trend I want to try, but I think you've convinced me that I do. :D

    Sweet Helen Grace

  8. Yummm everything look so delish!! And your look is perfect for a relax Sunday! I have to confees that at first I did not like much culottes but now i'm super fan, indeen in today's post I'm wearing some! ;)


  9. Head to toe fabulous! Great styling darling! Happy tuesday!
    Much love, Len

  10. awesome pictures and great styling !! :)

  11. The jumpsuit you are wearing looks so comfy! I wish I could also pull off that kind of outfit for a large frame like me.

  12. I love a simple outfit!


  13. Amazing photos girlie! I absolutely love your jumpsuit! It's so chic! xo, Vivian


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