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Two of the hottest trends in stores right now are bodysuits and choker necklaces. Personally, I've had a couple of bodysuits over the years and I've never been overly fond of them. Not only do they create panty lines at times but they also make it really annoying to use the toilet. And choker necklaces, I've been on the fence about as well. I still cringe a bit at the memory of wearing those 'tattoo" type chokers in the 90s. It wasn't until Taylor Swift declared choker necklaces the new flower crowns (at Coachella) that the 2016 version of me finally thought, maybe I need to get on the choker train. Enter, Forever 21. They always have the latest trends at super affordable prices, so it's a great place to shop if you want to try out a new trend without breaking the bank. I picked out this bodysuit because it had great reviews, but the best part about it (and most other bodysuits from Forever 21) is that it has a snap closure at the bottom! It makes bathroom trips a breeze, and looks great under my mom jeans; therefore, I am totally on board. And I got a lot of compliments on this lace choker necklace, so I consider that a success too (even though it keeps twisting around annoyingly). I've rounded up some of my favorite bodysuit and choker necklaces below!

Grey Lace-up Back Bodysuit, Forever 21. Slim mom jeans, ASOS. Bralette, Aerie. Choker necklace, Forever 21. Boucle cardigan and suede tasseled crossbody, both from Zara (old). Chuck Taylors, Converse.

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  1. I haven't worn a bodysuit and a choker since the 90's! You did an awesome job modernizing the 90's look! This looks so casual and chic!

  2. love the top and choker!

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  4. This outfit is cute! The snap closures on bodysuits are definitely a God-send x

  5. That choker is fabulous and I love the converse! Great style darling.

    Dakota D.

  6. Ahah, the snap bottom is indeed super practical! Maybe I'll get a bodysuit after all.

    xoxo, ♥

  7. I really love your simple style. Your blog is so pretty!

  8. the perfect denim !

  9. I love the details of your choker and the blouse is also very pretty! Lovely casual look!


  10. i already liked the bodysuit from the front but when i saw the back my literal reaction was: !!!!!!!! haha, i love it so much more! the choker is so beautiful too

    Absolutely Sarah

  11. Love this casual chic look; the choker is such a pretty addition!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  12. Man I remember wearing chokers back in middle school! I can't believe it's already come full circle and is back in style! Love the way you styled it here! And I just love your blog too :D


  13. Love how you pulled both the choker and the bodysuit off! Looks great! I haven't gotten on the bodysuit trend but I looove chokers! I'll have to buy this one too :)


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