My Four Must-Haves For Fall

So it's a little late in the season now, considering that winter is right around the corner, but I've realized that there are a few basic wardrobe pieces that I've been reaching for repeatedly lately and decided to do a post on them. I'm wearing them all here and the combo of these four has more or less been my failproof fall outfit formula. They are:

1) THE DRAMATIC BLOUSE: Ruffled details are everywhere this season and I happen to love a bit of ruffle action! However, if ruffles are a bit too frilly for your tastes, blouses with neck-tie details or some bell sleeves are really great choices as well. Basically, I think it's a great time to be a blouse-wearing woman because there are so many pretty options out there. Totally addicted with this green one from H&M (sold out already but there are still some sizes left in off-white) currently. It's such a gorgeous, feminine piece; perfect for the holiday season, and this dark forest green shade is my current OBSESSION.

2) VINTAGE-CUT JEANS (preferably black): No secret that I've been all about the mom jeans lately, and in the fall and winter I always reaching for black-colored bottoms. Different shades of blue denim go in and out of vogue but black never fails! And it just looks more polished. I already wrote about how much I love my black Levi's Wedgie Icon jeans in this post.

3) SUEDE JACKETS: I think I prefer the look of suede to leather because it's much softer and less "tough" looking. Real suede also tends to be more affordable than real leather as well, so it's less of an investment. The only downside is having to beware of rain! I scored this one on sale from Mango a few months ago, felt a little iffy about it at first, but now that I've gotten into the habit of wearing it, I absolutely love it! The color makes it such a great fall piece.

4) MULES: The Gucci Princetown loafers have been a huge hit this season, with tons of similar "inspired-by" styles available! I, however, don't really gravitate towards such masculine pieces, but these bow flats from Zara really appealed to me. I find myself slipping my feet into them literally all the time, it's just way too easy. I was wearing slides all summer long, but with the seasons changing some close-toed action is necessary so these mules were perfect. I have major heart eyes for Prada's pretty version as well but decided to save rather than splurge.

What are the pieces you've been continuously reaching for this fall?


  1. So cute! Black jeans are a MUST fall fall and winter x

  2. I can definitely relate to black jeans and suede jackets!


  3. Your blouse is beautiful - so vintage yet it has a modern twist.

    Emma ♥

  4. love your mules and that blouse is gorg!

  5. Perfect, the shape of those jeans are to die for! x

  6. You look gorgeous hun! Loving this outfit on you! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. you are so gorg. xO!


  8. Dramatic blouses are a huge yes for every season! Love everything about them. Have a lovely week! <3


  9. Totally loving your outfit:)


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