Review: Maybelline 24k Nudes Palette

When it comes to make-up, I love trying new things but always seem to go back to my tried-and-true favorites. When I was younger, I was a bit more experimental with my look (those colored Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners were my jam--I seriously used to own like half the colors!) but these days when it comes to eye-make up, I like to stick to boring, everyday brown shades, with maybe a bit of metallic thrown in on special occasions.

So when I was asked to try out the new Maybelline 24k Nudes palette, the answer was an easy yes! A collection of warm colors and wearable jewel-tones, the palette is right up my alley. If I ever get a little experimental with color, it's always with a khaki green or a darkish purple, so I was really excited that the palette included those shades. I also love how there's a good amount of shimmer in this palette, with copper, bronze, and gold colors included. And there is a matte black shade as well as a shimmery black for creating smoky eyes!

Confession: I can't remember the last time I wore drugstore eyeshadow. Pigmentation is just so much better with high-end brands, so for eyeshadows, I always prefer to splurge, especially since eyeshadows last me forever (I've had my two Urban Decay Naked palettes forever). So I was excited to see how this Maybelline palette would compare. Surprisingly, even without using eyelid primer, the darker colors show up really well, but blending and working with the lighter colors is a little more difficult, at least for me. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by this palette and am excited to continue trying out different looks with it!

Maybelline also sent me the Eye Studio Master Precise liquid liner to try as well as the Colossal Big Shot Volum' Express mascara. I'm always pretty whatever about mascara. I have such dinky lashes that mascara doesn't make as much of an impact, and I get so many mascaras in the form of samples and gifts with purchase or as a part of gift sets that I never really buy any. There are some bad mascaras out there, and those usually get chucked right into the trash, but I'll use any decent mascara that doesn't smear too easily (giving me racoon eyes) or clump weird. The only exception for me was the waterproof formula of Maybelline Lash Stylist, which had a comb applicator instead of your usual mascara wand, but they sadly discontinued this product many years ago. It was my holy grail of mascara! I still have a couple of unopened ones that I am saving for a rainy day (I know some people will probably think that's really gross, but I don't care! I've yet to experience negative effects from wearing old make-up). Anyway, the Colossal Big Shot is a pretty good mascara, although it doesn't "wow me" or anything (but as I said, no mascara ever really does). It does take me a few coats to get the look I want.

The Eye Studio Master Precise liquid liner (why does Maybelline like to give its products such long names?) on the other hand, was a surprise hit for me. At first when I saw the extra long tip, I thought it would be really hard to control, but it's stiff enough to be just right and applies just the right amount of product for a controlled line. I would even go so far as to say it's the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that I've ever tried. I only wish that it came in a waterproof formula to really last through the day and night!

What about you? Have you tried any of these products? What are your drugstore faves?

This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I had no idea that Maybelline came out with a nude palette! I haven't bought drugstore makeup in a long time! I might check this out!

  2. Great review of products!

    Lisa Linh

  3. Your winged eyeliner looks amazing!

    Emma ♥

  4. very cool! xO!


  5. These shades look gorgeous on you and what a fabulous mascara! Love Maybelline so much !

  6. Omg I've seen these palettes on so many blogs now and I am dying to try it! The shades look amazing and loving the look of the liquid liner. I am a diehard fan of liquid liners and it looks awesome on you babe!

    Helen xx

  7. Ahh, I love Maybelline's cosmetics as they never fail! Their mascara suits asian lashes and I would love to try that eyeshadow palette one day ;) Thanks for sharing!

    xx Aldora Muses |

  8. I love this palette and the mascara looks amazing!

  9. Do want!!!! <3

    Federica Di Nardo

  10. Hey Love,
    My Fav Shades ever, Love so much and Really Loved on you too:) I would like to Try and Make some Nice Make up too:)
    Love Kisses
    Happy 2017:)

  11. smokey eyes looks so nice on you. I think you should add faux lashes next time to create a dramatic look ;)

  12. Great reviews! I've been a fan of Maybelline for years! They have some really good products. This palette looks great - good to know that it holds up. I really wanna try this liner but I agree that they need a waterproof one.

  13. Love Maybelline's cosmetics

  14. I really like this palate, the colors are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing babe. xx

  15. Those nude colours are so pretty!!! I love nude colours and I wear them for work almost everyday. Thanks for sharing and now I know what new items for buy for my next nude palate.

    xx, Jessie

  16. This is one of my new favorite mascaras! For me just a layer was enough to make my lashes longer and fuller!!

  17. Hello dear!!
    Maybelline mascaras are always good.I'm try it a lot of times.Love that nude palette is ideal to creae smokey eyes finished w the eyeliner.

  18. I live for this eyeliner! It's the absolute best! I've so been wanting to try this pallet for some time now! Picking it up on my next Target trip!

    Manda |

  19. I also received this palette and I was surprised with the quality! In my opinion it could be compared to the quality of high-end products as these are super pigmented and easy to work with!


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