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Coachella 2016

Coachella has become a bit of a spectacle in recent years but that doesn't mean it's not still a great time. Somehow despite the heat, the dust storms, and the crowds, tickets continue to sell out every year before the lineup is even announced. It's also the top-grossing music festival in the world which is saying something. This year, I attended Weekend 2 which is supposedly more relaxed, though I still thought it was pretty darn packed. My fiancé and I weren't in the mood to brave the heat or the mobs so we relaxed in our air-conditioned rental until late-afternoon before heading to the festival each day and found ourselves unwilling to brave the tents (especially the crush of people inside and around the Sahara Tent after a couple of our friends got pick-pocketed there the first night). Instead, we mostly just hung out by the main stages after dusk where there was a lot of open space. FYI, that's where Alessandra Ambrosio likes to hang out, too. We saw her dancing with her daughter there and they were so cute. Didn't get to see all of the acts we wanted to see but we still had a great time and experience overall. The thing about Coachella is that no matter how you feel about the line-up, there's bound to be a set or two that will blow your mind and make your weekend. For me, that was probably Zedd! I also enjoyed catching snippets of amazing performances by artists I previously hadn't heard of like Lemaitre and Alessia Cara (yeah yeah, what do I, live under a rock??)

Playsuit, Spell Designs. Sandals, Skechers. Fringed crossbody, Rebecca Minkoff. Wool hat, H&M.

Tank top dress, Free People. Belt, Loft. Knit bucket bag, Boohoo. Suede ankle boots, Zara. Wool hat, H&M.

Navy gauze top, Free People. Denim shorts, One Teaspooon. Knit bucket bag, Boohoo.


Pinches tacos...this was pretty good. I would've rather have had Mexicali but it was a trek so I made do with Pinches in a pinch...hehe.

You know how much I love my fried chicken sandwiches from Free Range LA! Somehow, it tasted even better in the desert.

Anyone who goes to Coachella needs to try the Spicy Pie! Although I'm not personally a big fan of spicy pizza, I'll admit it's pretty good and more importantly, it's a Coachella tradition!

The Right to Bare Ankles

If you've been following my blog closely, you may have noticed that I almost always wear my pants cropped or cuffed (weather permitting, which is 95% of the time in LA. The other five percent of the time, I may kinda sorta find myself awkwardly rolling them back down as dusk falls). I tend to feel like long hems look a bit sloppy; that a peek of ankle is more polished and chic and lends the impression that your pants fit better than they actually do.

Recently while browsing H& (I find myself ordering from there a lot more lately since they allow in-store returns now), I was drawn to this pair because of it's less-tapered hem. They're almost like a wannabe kick-flare without quite committing to an actual flare (still on the fence about that trend by the way). They remind me a lot of "floods" from the 1990s actually. Do you remember those? They were popular right after "pedal-pushers." Though it's kind of funny because I remember that growing up, if you wore "highwater" pants, you were teased and called a nerd. But, everything uncool eventually becomes cool, right?

Ankle-length slim-fit pants in light beige, H&M. Peasant blouse, Ecote via Urban Outfitters (similar here,. Wool fedora, H&M. Dali espadrilles, Soludos. Crossbody purse, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent.

How I Shop

Something I get asked about frequently is how and where I shop, so I thought I'd clear it all up in a blog post. I do about 95% of my shopping online, and if you're curious about which stores specifically, I've added a list of my favorite retailers to my sidebar. I'm too accustomed to living in a digital world and have very little patience for combing through racks, waiting in lines, or trying on clothes in dressing rooms anymore, though I do make the occasional shopping trip to return stuff and get an almond pretzel from Auntie Anne's ;).

I generally sign up for all of my favorite stores' mailing lists and let them market to me. There are some stores, like Zara and Pixie Market, that I like to check every time they have new arrivals. For other stores, like ASOS and Forever 21, they have way too much volume of merchandise to keep up with, and I'll only check out their site if I'm looking for something specific, or if I'm intrigued by their marketing/lookbook images or any promotions they might be running. Whenever I see an item I like, I usually don't buy right away (unless it's on sale, might sell out soon, or I REALLY like it). Usually, I'll bookmark an item via Pinterest or I'll file it away into one of my "curated finds" lists (for example, my shoppable list for Spring/Summer here). Often times, after a few days have passed, I'll find that I'm not really interested in buying that item anymore, or conversely, I'll find that I still really want it. Or I'll find that I only kind of want it--that it would only be worth buying if I can get a better price. I like to think that patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping, so I always try to wait a few days or even a few weeks if I can, to cut down on impulse buying and regret. It also gives me an opportunity to get the best price and take advantage of any potential price drops or promotions (free shipping!) the retailer might run.

Organizing everything I like and being able to see it on a single page also helps me get a sense of what trends and colors I'm really loving for a particular season. It helps me figure out what items I might wear together, and what might not work well in my wardrobe, if something I bookmarked sticks out like a sore thumb. I've heard of sites like Shopstyle, Lyst, or Polyvore that could potentially help you shop and organize your wishlist, but I've never given them a try. Do you use any of these? Share any shopping secrets you have below!

Anyway, that brings me to this skirt. I really love a nice dusty pink, so when I saw it during my weekly perusal of Missguided's new arrivals, it was instant love. So much so, that I paid full price for it (it was only $30 but it's on sale for $10 now...) and even paid for shipping (I normally always try to buy enough to get the free shipping but there was nothing else I wanted at that time). I don't regret it because sometimes sizes on Missguided will sell out quickly and you just never know. Anyways, it is hard to feel regret when it's looking so good with this beautiful spring we are having. It is seriously one of most beautiful springs I can ever remember: mild(ish) weather, a bit of rain, and tons of blooming flowers! Hope you all have a great day.

Black lace-up top, Free People (just picked up the same top in white on sale here!) Faux-suede wrap skirt, Missguided. Fringed cardigan, LA Made. Lace-up mid-heel sandals, Public Desire.

The Modern Mom Jean

Is the skinny jean finally going out of style? It's something we've been hearing for years now, and yet they still remain the predominant silhouette on the jean scene. Personally, I think that skinny jeans are super flattering and will continue to be a favorite. However, I'm definitely appreciating the rise in popularity of other denim shapes that we are currently seeing, as I'm always in favor of a bit variety to keep things fresh. We have the resurgence of the flare, as well as the new culotte jean, the cropped flare, and my new favorite silhouette, the vintage-cut "mom jean." It's a little bit like the boyfriend jean that we've been well-acquainted with these past few years, but with a high-waist and a more tapered leg.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair for a while now; some of them can be on the baggyish side so I was afraid they wouldn't flatter. I really liked the look of Levi's Wedgie Icon, but for my first pair I decided to go with a more slim-cut pair as a transition between the skinny jean and a truer mom jean. I've seen a lot of style bloggers killing it in the Asos Farleigh slim mom jeans, and since Asos has such an easy return policy, I ordered two pairs. I'm happy to report, they were a winner! I took my normal size and consider my first experiment with mom jeans a success. Definitely looking forward to wearing more of this denim silhouette in the future. Have you tried wearing mom jeans yet? How do you feel about the trend?

Farleigh slim mom jean, ASOS. Tasseled blouse, H&M (also available in black). Silver pointy flats, Forever 21 (old, similar here). Mini bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel.

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Shopping: It's Festival Season!

So, Coachella is right around the corner. This year I'm attending Weekend 2 so I'm feeling very chill and stress-free about it all. I've never attended Weekend 2 before but I've heard it's less crowded and less about seeing and being seen, which sounds quite ideal in my book. Just hoping for some mild weather if possible. I bought a new pair of boots from Zara recently that I'll probably wear; other than that I'm probably just going to work with things I already have in my closet. However, if you're stressing over what to wear, then you've clicked on over to the right place! I've rounded up a few outfit ideas for Coachella or any other festivals you might be attending this upcoming season. See below:

Be sure to check out my festival finds page for tons of more great festival-ready pieces.

Safari Vibes

It's been at least a decade since I've worn a pair of flared jeans. That was all anyone wore back then, but now we are super spoiled for choice with so many different cuts of denim in vogue. The cool thing about today's flares is that they tend to be cut a few inches longer so that they can be worn with heels for a more polished, figure-elongating effect. While this poses a bit more of a fit and style challenge, the overall effect is much more chic than the boot-cut jeans of yesteryear. Thankfully Banana Republic carries the majority of its denim styles in petite sizes as well, but even then you can see that there is no way I'd be able to wear these jeans with flats unless I wanted the hems dragging everywhere (and at 5'4", I barely qualify into the petite category). A pair of heels is definitely requisite when it comes to wearing today's flares.

Nevertheless, despite the more polished vibe of flared pants these days, I still dig the more free-spirited stylings of the original bell-bottom jeans circa the 1970s. I wouldn't go so far as to wear them with a furry coat and some round John Lennon-style sunglasses, but I styled them with my flowingest, most bohemian blouse from Free People and a tan fedora for that vaguely Penny Lane vibe. Paired with a beige safari jacket, the overall color palette of muted tans and a soft warm coral is a super pretty combination for spring.

White flared jeans, c/o Banana Republic. Stone military jacket, c/o Banana Republic. Doin' It Right blouse, Free People. Tan fedora hat, Prima Donna. Suede accordion crossbody bag, Banana Republic. Tan and black sandals, Foreign Exchange.

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Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.