Dressed in Denim

A denim dress seems to be one of those classic summer pieces that you can never go wrong with. However, a solid blue dress can be a bit boring, especially since this one looks like a simple shift from the front (cut-outs from the side however). Everyone's been tying little silk scarves or bandanas around their necks this spring, so I dug out one of my old thrifted silk scarves and thought I'd give the trend a try to add a pop of color to my outfit. When I tied it around my neck though, I looked way too much like a flight attendant (maybe I just need to find the right scarf), so I ended up tying it on my bag instead. Still works to add some color!

To any of you who have successfully tried the scarf neck tie trend, got any tips on making it work?

Denim body-con dress, c/o Tobi. Knotted slides, Mango. Mini mini bucket bag in Brandy, Mansur Gavriel. Silk scarf, vintage. Tan fedora, Shop Prima Donna.

Page, AZ, USA

Navajo Nation

A road trip to Page, Arizona to see the spectacular sights of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend has long been on my bucket list. Unfortunately when we finally took the trip, the weather was not quite on our side, so the box remains partially unchecked for now. Since we only had a night to spend after staying a night in Vegas, we decided to stay at Shash Dine over one of the many generic Comfort Inn-type hotels available in Page. Shash Dine is unique glamping B&B located on a Navajo ranch just south of Page with no running water or electricity, and staying there was an experience in itself.

Our cozy cabin for the night.

maremma sheepdog
The ranch was guarded by the sweetest sheepdogs.

And puppies! Still feeling sad about not being able to take one of these guys home.

Maremma Sheepdog puppies
Handknit turtleneck sweater, Madewell. Slim mom jeans, ASOS. Chuck Taylors, Converse. Knit bucket bag, Boohoo.

Tucking in for the night. Temperatures were in the 40s so we got a fire going in the wood-burning stove.

One of the things I was looking forward to was photographing the stars without smog or light pollution in the way. Unfortunately, the skies were partially overcast with more clouds rolling in as the night wore on, but it was a good learning experience for me. Next time, I definitely won't be leaving the tripod at home.

There's something to be said about waking up to a wide open expanse of land. And some delicious Navajo tea.

Traditional Navajo breakfast of blue-corn porridge and fruit. This was before I doused the whole thing in lots of honey.

And this cutie.

Ugh, so cute.

Just doing her job, guarding the livestock!

So hard saying bye to these guys. But we had to rush to squeeze in Horseshoe Bend before our reserved Antelope Canyon tour.

Just a ten-minute hike from the highway, we were greeted with this sight. The Colorado River curving in what is very aptly called "Horseshoe Bend" (there was a gaggle of other tourists there too FYI). Unfortunately, it started raining just as we got there! It wasn't pouring but it was wet enough that both of our iPhones shut down while we tried to take our selfies. So we weren't able to get any good shots. I decided that keeping my camera safe and dry was more important.

Here I am, cold and struggling to keep the rain out of my eyes. It was also quite windy which is always scary to me when standing on the side of a cliff. Please excuse my outfit...wasn't planning to need a jacket over my sweater but it was freezing! And wet. So due to poor planning I ended up with some kind of Canadian tuxedo except burgundy instead of denim....hah. And the worst part was, the Antelope Canyon tour companies were closed because of the rain. We didn't have time to wait and see if we could get in after the rain let up since we had a dinner reservation to catch in Vegas. So, the trip was a bit of a bust. But, that just means we will have to try again soon!

Just one lonely rain cloud for the drive home.

May Gray

chloe georgia mini shoulder bag in pastel grey jumpsuit with high-top sneakers jumpsuit with hightop sneakers
We've been having some "May gray" weather lately, especially in the mornings, but no complaints from me because it means relatively cool temperatures for this time of year. Speaking of grey things, though, how awesome is my new bag? =) I am SO loving this Chloé Georgia style in "pastel grey," it's an absolutely perfect shade for spring (though it was a super tough decision because it's a true beauty in black as well) and an all-around beautiful bag and the best part, you don't see it around everywhere or at least not yet. You may have seen it on my "Spring/Summer Finds" page because I've had my eye on it for a little while. I actually got a matching wallet too! Will have to take a photo of it for you guys. I paired it with my new jumpsuit that Tobi sent over in this lovely burnt camel color which y'all probably already know I'm quite keen on. Since it was actually a bit chilly this day, I layered it over a long-sleeved crop top (cut-outs on cut-outs!) and I like how it gave the jumpsuit more of an "overalls" look. Now I'm actually excited for some warmer weather so I can wear my beautiful new purse with some pretty sundresses!

P.S. If you're a new customer, you can get 50% off your first purchase at Tobi!

Sidebar cut-out jumpsuit, c/o Tobi. Long-sleeved crop-top with shoulder cut-outs, Asos (old). High-top sneakers, Old Navy. Georgia mini shoulder bag, Chloé. Layered necklace, Banana Republic (in stores).

Laced Up

I'm still quite keen on everything lace-up this season and was on the hunt for the perfect whitish lace-up blouse for a while before snapping up this super affordable version (less than $30 and they are currently offering free shipping with no minimum) from H&M. I recommend sizing up for this top; I took my normal size (a 4) and because the sleeves have no placket, it's hard to roll them up easily. Paired with vintage denim Levi's cutoffs and my trusty nude lace-up flats, I think the outfit gives off a very unfussy yet chic "French girl" vibe. Maybe it's the simple color palette or maybe it's the "chapeau" that does the trick. Not sure, but I'm definitely getting that je ne sais quoi vibe.

For more great finds at affordable prices, check out my curated "Finds Under $50" page! I aim to keep all of my curated finds pages updated regularly, so be sure to check back to see what I've got my eye on.

Lace-up blouse, H&M (similar one also available in olive). Denim cut-offs, vintage Levi's. Tan wide-brim hat, Prima Donna (similar here for $20). Lace-up flats, Zara (old). Bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel (in stock!)

Indio, CA, USA

Coachella 2016

Coachella has become a bit of a spectacle in recent years but that doesn't mean it's not still a great time. Somehow despite the heat, the dust storms, and the crowds, tickets continue to sell out every year before the lineup is even announced. It's also the top-grossing music festival in the world which is saying something. This year, I attended Weekend 2 which is supposedly more relaxed, though I still thought it was pretty darn packed. My fiancé and I weren't in the mood to brave the heat or the mobs so we relaxed in our air-conditioned rental until late-afternoon before heading to the festival each day and found ourselves unwilling to brave the tents (especially the crush of people inside and around the Sahara Tent after a couple of our friends got pick-pocketed there the first night). Instead, we mostly just hung out by the main stages after dusk where there was a lot of open space. FYI, that's where Alessandra Ambrosio likes to hang out, too. We saw her dancing with her daughter there and they were so cute. Didn't get to see all of the acts we wanted to see but we still had a great time and experience overall. The thing about Coachella is that no matter how you feel about the line-up, there's bound to be a set or two that will blow your mind and make your weekend. For me, that was probably Zedd! I also enjoyed catching snippets of amazing performances by artists I previously hadn't heard of like Lemaitre and Alessia Cara (yeah yeah, what do I, live under a rock??)

Playsuit, Spell Designs. Sandals, Skechers. Fringed crossbody, Rebecca Minkoff. Wool hat, H&M.

Tank top dress, Free People. Belt, Loft. Knit bucket bag, Boohoo. Suede ankle boots, Zara. Wool hat, H&M.

Navy gauze top, Free People. Denim shorts, One Teaspooon. Knit bucket bag, Boohoo.


Pinches tacos...this was pretty good. I would've rather have had Mexicali but it was a trek so I made do with Pinches in a pinch...hehe.

You know how much I love my fried chicken sandwiches from Free Range LA! Somehow, it tasted even better in the desert.

Anyone who goes to Coachella needs to try the Spicy Pie! Although I'm not personally a big fan of spicy pizza, I'll admit it's pretty good and more importantly, it's a Coachella tradition!