Coveting: Fuji XF-1

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of Photokina 2012 (for me anyway) is an adorable little point-and-shoot camera I haven't been able to get my mind off of: the Fujifilm XF1. Not only does it have amazing looks (LOVE the vintage styling--the faux leather exterior KILLS me) but it has awesome specs for a point-and-shoot camera as well. I am planning to replace my current compact camera, the Panasonic GF2 (a Micro Four-Thirds, pictured in this post) with the XF1! It also comes in black and red, but I'm definitely gonna go for the brown. Retail price is $499 which is very reasonable compared to the Fuji's other camera offerings like the X100 (which I've always wanted just so I could figure out if it was worth the exorbitant price tag) and it's available for pre-order on Amazon NOW with an expected release date of October 17.

What I love about this camera:

  • Awesome vintage look (obviously!) and compact size
  • Max aperture of f/1.8--bokeh!!
  • The camera is turned on/off by twisting the zoom ring which also extends and retracts the lens!
  • Manual zoom!
  • Fairly large sensor--2/3 inch.
  • Has manual controls with the dial on top
  • Filter effects--don't know how great these will be but they look pretty fun. Kind of like having a toy camera and a more serious camera in one (my obsession with cameras began with Lomo cameras so I am pretty excited about this)
  • Can capture macro shots from as little as 3 cm away! Something I cannot do with my current cameras/lenses

See more specs and deets at the official XF1 page here.
Stock photos from Amazon and Engadget


  1. This camera is so cute! It would be so nice to have a compact like this to carry around 24/7; my dslr is too bulky for that :<

  2. How cute is this?! I love vintage looking cameras.

    The Glossy Life

  3. As much as I LOVE the exterior (oh God the leather), wouldn't it be wiser to wait for (a super stylish, price friendly) interchangeable lens instead? Oh, have I mentioned how much I LOOOOOVE the leather? Yeah, I love it
    The Dilly Chic

    1. My current "compact" camera has interchangeable lenses...and with every lens except the fixed pancake lenses, it's still pretty bulky!! I like how this one retracts completely


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