Heatwave Wear

Even though we're into well October now, LA is still experiencing the occasional heatwave. I talk about this often, but global warming is very real, despite what certain politicians may say (Donald Trump may or may not believe that it's a hoax invented by the Chinese). Hot days are the worst time to be a style blogger, because I'd much rather be sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned room than taking pictures outside in the sweltering heat (and I'm sure my beau-tographer really dreads it too although he's too supportive to ever say anything!) I'd love to be shooting fall outfits featuring boots and layers right now but unfortunately it's not always very realistic. When temperatures hit a certain threshold, I really don't want to put much thought into my outfit, hence the simple t-shirt and denim skirt combo for today's look. It was too hot to even deal with my hair and I went extra comfy with my choice of footwear, with my trusty Nike Air Max Thea. I do own quite a few pairs of Nikes but these are my most comfortable and therefore favorite. Comfy feet are happy feet and athleisure is still pretty cool in my book.

Linen tee, H&M. Denim mini skirt, Topshop. Air Max Thea, Nike. Mini belt bag, CĂ©line.


  1. I completely understand you. I think the effects of global warming is hitting South East Asia, where I live, pretty damn hard, too, and the heat is beyond the norm. I hope the weather gets better in LA! I'm also loving the look, Tania; it's such a cute, casual look!


  2. Amazing casual look my dear! Perfect head to toe! I love your choker and was wearing an almost same one today :)
    I was thinking about global warming problem too! Here in Greece we always had snow at least for a month, and now we barely have winter! I am with an air-condition on right now! And photos outside with that heat and makeup melting is a torture!
    Anyways this look of yours is perfect and so refreshing! Hope you have a great week!

  3. you look so casual chic! xO!


  4. Girl, this look is killing it, comfy chic for stupidly hot days! Speaking of, i wish it was still even slightly warm here!

    Dana | fashiondew.co.uk

  5. I love this coordinate but saaame. I'm also wanting to dress for actual fall weather but this heat is just ridiculous... It doesn't even feel like October :( hopefully things do improve sooner than later!!


  6. This outfit is too cute, Tania! I'm loving those Nikes x


  7. I can't wait to visit LA! you look so good on those simple outfit. It's currently starting to get cold here in Toronto. But Im excited for fall colours

  8. Regardless of how much thought you put into this outfit, it looks amazing on you, Tania! I love how this outfit is perfect for warm weather, is effortless and comfortable, and still very cute. Since we're still getting a few warm days here and there in Portland, I might try putting together a combination of this outfit one of these days. You've definitely inspired me!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  9. love how you paired your jean skirt with these classic athletic sneakers!

  10. yooo this whole look is soooo cute! LOVE THE WALL!

  11. I love this casual look; esp the choker + Nike trainers. Don't know if I could ever pull off the denim skirt post 00s but you do it amazingly!

    xo Jen | http://laxmilifestyle.com


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